To Sir, With Love (스승의 은혜, Im Dae-woong: 2006)

Retired teacher Ms Park is suffering from a debilitating illness. She is cared for by one of her former students who decides that as a gift for her old teacher she will arrange a reunion of some of her now adult students. As the guests arrive it appears to be a fun occasion, however as the evening moves on the students start to reveal that Ms Park may not have been the perfect teacher that she appears to be and… Read More »To Sir, With Love (스승의 은혜, Im Dae-woong: 2006)

The Quiet Family (조용한 가족, Kim Jee-woon: 1998)

The Kang family have moved from the city to the countryside to start a family business by opening their own lodge. When the very first guest at the house seems to commit suicide, the family panic over what to do. Fearing that the death of their guest will bring bad luck and a bad reputation to their business, they decide to hide the body themselves. Unfortunately for them this is just the first of a series of misfortunes to fall… Read More »The Quiet Family (조용한 가족, Kim Jee-woon: 1998)

Heaven’s Soldiers (천군, Min Joon-ki: 2005)

North Korea decides to hand over a nuclear warhead  (developed secretly with the South) to American forces as a result of International pressure. Major Kang – a North Korean Officer-  is unhappy with the arrangement and steals the warhead to prevent the handover. Kang believes that North Korea should not be dictated to by the rest of the world. South Korean special forces pursue Kang to retrieve the warhead, but a gunfight between the two sides is disrupted when a… Read More »Heaven’s Soldiers (천군, Min Joon-ki: 2005)

Someone Behind You (두 사람이다, Oh Ki-hwan: 2007)

High school student Ga-in witnesses the brutal murder of an Aunt while being repeatedly told by a strange school friend to ‘trust no-one, not even yourself’. Her strange dreams and paranoia aren’t exactly helped when the people nearest and dearest to her start trying to take her life… A short, sharp slick horror flick that makes only a little sense, Someone Behind You almost stands out from a glut of average horror efforts by pure energy alone. Luckily there’s some… Read More »Someone Behind You (두 사람이다, Oh Ki-hwan: 2007)

A Tale of Two Sisters (장화, 홍련, Kim Jee-woon: 2003)

Sisters Su-mi and Su-yeon arrive home after time away for treatment of an illness. The girls have a very close and happy relationship with each other but are united in their dislike of their stepmother, a problem that their father seems content to ignore. Enjoying the comfort of a big old house, the peace and quiet is soon disrupted by some very strange occurrences… Recently remade in the U.S. as The Univited – a film which seemed to slip under… Read More »A Tale of Two Sisters (장화, 홍련, Kim Jee-woon: 2003)

My Boss, My Hero (두사부일체, Yun Je-gyun: 2001)

Gye Duo-shik is a young gangster who is rising quickly through the ranks of his ‘gang’ and is expecting to be handed the Myeongdong district to run. When Duo-shik shows his ignorance in a meeting – mistaking the name of a famous poet for a type of liquor – it causes some concern among his superiors who decide that before he will be given charge of the district he needs to become more educated. Therefore it is agreed that Duo-shik… Read More »My Boss, My Hero (두사부일체, Yun Je-gyun: 2001)

Haeundae (해운대, Yun Je-gyun: 2009)

Scientist Kim Hwi believes that a recent spate of earthquakes are signposts towards an impending disaster. As he puts together evidence for his theory, he tells everyone who should listen that there is crisis ahead. Do they listen? Of course they don’t! This is a disaster flick after all… Some of the initial reviews for this big-budget (in Korean industry terms) disaster flick were unflinchingly negative, but the film was a blockbuster hit on its domestic release, so it was… Read More »Haeundae (해운대, Yun Je-gyun: 2009)

Into The Mirror (거울 속으로, Kim Sung-ho: 2003)

Wu Young-min is the head of security at a shopping mall which is about to reopen after a terrible fire. An ex-cop, he is haunted by the tragic event which resulted in his decision to leave the police force. When a young woman is found dead inside the mall and the investigative team arrives to look into the murder, Young-min finds that he knows the lead detective on the case – Ha Hyun-su. Young-min wants to leave the police to… Read More »Into The Mirror (거울 속으로, Kim Sung-ho: 2003)

Save The Green Planet (지구를 지켜라!, Jang Joon-hwan: 2003)

Byung-gu believes that aliens reside on earth and that they are responsible for all the problems on the planet. He decides that the wealthy and successful businessman Kang Man-shik is a top alien and so, along with his girlfriend Sooni, he kidnaps the man in the hope that he will allow them to speak to the Alien Prince of Andromeda. When Man-shik responds with confusion at his being kidnapped and doesn’t tell them what they want to hear, Byung-gu is… Read More »Save The Green Planet (지구를 지켜라!, Jang Joon-hwan: 2003)

The Chaser (추격자, Na Hong-jin: 2008)

Jung-ho is a pimp with a problem – his girls seem to be running away. Struggling to maintain his ‘business’, he sends one of his remaining girls to see a client. Realising that there’s something not quite right about the situation and that this client may be involved in the disappearance of his girls, Jung-ho tries to use the situation to his advantage, but things don’t go according to plan… The debut film from screenwriter and director Na Hong-jin The… Read More »The Chaser (추격자, Na Hong-jin: 2008)