I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK (싸이보그지만 괜찮아, Park Chan-wook: 2006)

Cha Yeong-gun believes she is a robot and one day when working in a factory she decides to plug herself into the electrical mains. The shock doesn’t kill her but it does put her into a mental hospital where she is surrounded by a group of people with their own psychological problems… Following up his acclaimed ‘Vengeance’ trilogy was always going to be an interesting prospect for Park Chan-wook. When he announced that his next project would be a romantic… Read More »I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK (싸이보그지만 괜찮아, Park Chan-wook: 2006)

The Guard Post (GP 506, Kong Su-chang: 2008)

Sergeant Major Noh Seong-gyu has just one evening to investigate and uncover the story behind the bloody events events that have occurred at a Guard Post on the Demilitarised Zone – a job that he finds constantly hindered, not the least because the son of the Army Chief of Staff is supposed to be present at the post, making an already sensitive political situation even more troublesome… Director Kong Su-chang follows up his flawed but acclaimed R-Point with The Guard… Read More »The Guard Post (GP 506, Kong Su-chang: 2008)

The Host (괴물, Bong Joon-ho: 2006)

Hardworking Hee-bong owns a food stall next to the Han River, and he works everyday alongside his slightly simple son, Gang-du. On a sunny day the river is packed with people enjoying the weather and the food stall is busy. When some of the people relaxing by the river see some sort of strange looking creature hanging on the bridge, their interest is raised. Unfortunately, the strange creature decides to take in interest in them too, and it divers into… Read More »The Host (괴물, Bong Joon-ho: 2006)

The Art of Fighting (싸움의 기술, Shin Han-sol: 2006)

Sick of being bullied and beaten up at school, Byeung-tae one day witnesses an old man who has incredible fighting skills. Seeing him as a way out of his torment, Byeung-tae tries to convicne the man to become his self-defence teacher. Initially refusing, Byeung-tae manages to wear the stubborn old man down so he eventuall relents – but when he starts being taught Byeung-tae wonders what it is exactly that he has let himself in for… A sensitive coming-of-age flick,… Read More »The Art of Fighting (싸움의 기술, Shin Han-sol: 2006)

Say Yes (세이 예스, Kim Sung-hong: 2001)

Celebrating a publishing deal and their first wedding anniversary, young couple Jeong-hyun and Yun-hie decide to take a few days away to spend some time together. Their journey is interupted by an incident with a drfiter who asks to them to give him a lift to their destination – at which point the journey takes a dark turn as the couple find that they might not be able to rid themselves of the guy just by dropping him at the… Read More »Say Yes (세이 예스, Kim Sung-hong: 2001)

Cinderella (신데렐라, Bong Man-dae: 2006)

Hyunsu has a close relationship with her mother Yoon Hee, who’s job is a plastic surgeon. Yoon Hee has performed surgery on some of her daughters friends, and everyone is shocked when one of these young girls dies in mysterious circumstances. Although the incidence is viewed as a tragic accident, when more of the group of friends start to die it becomes clear that it cannot be a coincidence. Hyunsu begins to suspect that her mother may understand more about… Read More »Cinderella (신데렐라, Bong Man-dae: 2006)

A Bittersweet Life (달콤한 인생, Kim Jee-woon: 2005)

Sunwoo is the very trusted right hand man of underworld boss Kang. When Kang plans to goes away for three days he asks Sunwoo to keep an eye on his young girlfriend whom he suspects may be cheating on him. Sunwoo keeps an eye on the girl who begins to intrigue him, while keeping things under control at his boss’s hotel. Sunwoo is a man who likes to remain in control at all times – using whatever means are necessary. One… Read More »A Bittersweet Life (달콤한 인생, Kim Jee-woon: 2005)

Crying Fist (주먹이 운다, Ryoo Seung-wan: 2005)

Kang Tae-shik is an aging boxer with his glory days behind him. Although a silver medallist in the Asian Games in 1990, he’s now a poor man chased by debt-collectors and with little to offer his increasingly distant wife and son. He spends his days on the streets letting passers-by punch him for money. Yoo Sang-hwan is a young thug who spends his days committing crimes and running with a gang. When the robbery of a debt-collector turns nasty, Sang-hwan… Read More »Crying Fist (주먹이 운다, Ryoo Seung-wan: 2005)

Flying Boys (발레 교습소, Byeong Yeong-joo: 2004)

Min-jae is in his final year of high school and is faced with has the two biggest problems of being a teenager: he needs to decide what he would like to do with his future, and he has a crush on Soo-jin – a teenage girl who lives in the same building. Min-jae and his friends finish their exams a decide to celebrate by getting drunk and ‘borrowing’ Min-jae’s fathers car. When Min-jae is caught by the local ballet teacher… Read More »Flying Boys (발레 교습소, Byeong Yeong-joo: 2004)

Geochilmaru: The Showdown (거칠마루, Kim Jin-seong: 2005)

A group of martial artists are assembled through an internet forum to attend a fighting competition. The organiser is a mysterious figure called Geochilmaru and each of the fighters are told that if they win the competition – by beating each other in fights on a secluded mountain – then they will meet their secretive host… Low budget martial arts movies love to use the ‘tournament’ format as a way to justify as much on-screen action as possible, with minimum… Read More »Geochilmaru: The Showdown (거칠마루, Kim Jin-seong: 2005)