The City of Violence (짝패, Ryoo Seung-wan: 2006)

A group of old friends are reunited when Wang-jae – one of their old school friends – is murdered. City cop Tae-su and occassional thug Seok-hwan (who is Wang-jaes brother) start their own individual investigations into just who is responsible – and manage to find a whole heap of trouble in the process… Director and star of The City of Violence, Ryoo Seung-wan continues his exploration of genre cinema with this ultra-violent, ultra-stylish and ultra-fascinating action study. In itself The… Read More »The City of Violence (짝패, Ryoo Seung-wan: 2006)

Bunshinsaba (분신사바, Ahn Byung-ki: 2004)

Yu-jin moves to a new school and befriends two girls who are tired of being bullied by schoolmates. They decide to try and place a curse on their tormentors, so they write a list of their names and using a makeshift oujia board they attempt to contact a spirit. They very next day they arrive at school to find that one of the girls – whose name was first on the list – has died in an apparent suicide. Although… Read More »Bunshinsaba (분신사바, Ahn Byung-ki: 2004)

H (에이치, Lee Jong-hyuk: 2002)

Three pregnant women are found hideously murdered in a manner that bears a resemblance to the infamous serial killer Shin Hyun. Unfortunately for Detectives Kim and Kang, Shin Hyun was already locked up in prison at the time of the killings, so they fear that they have a copycat on the loose. With little evidence to work their case on, the two detectives hesitantly arrange to visit Shin to see if he can shed any light on the  murders… Hmmm.… Read More »H (에이치, Lee Jong-hyuk: 2002)

Bloody Ties (사생결단, Choi Ho: 2006)

Sang Do is a small time drug dealer who has a growing business but who also has the problem of being hassled by a wild Detective called Ho. The Detective spends much of his time repeatedly arresting him up and threatening him with prison time if Sang Do doesn’t provide him with information about his rival dealers. When an arrest goes badly wrong, the drug dealer finds himself serving jail-time while Detective Ho is suspended and so on Sang Do’s… Read More »Bloody Ties (사생결단, Choi Ho: 2006)

Arahan (아라한 장풍 대작전, Ryoo Seung-wan: 2004)

Sang-hwan is a traffic cop who is new to his job and who tries (often unsuccessfully) to do the best job possible. While pursuing a bag-thief he comes across a young girl called Eui-jin who accidentally hits him with a ‘Palm Blast’ which knocks him off of his feet. Amazed at the power of the girl, he learns that she is a martial arts student who is taught by her father and a group of Tai-Chi Masters. Sang-hwan becomes obsessed… Read More »Arahan (아라한 장풍 대작전, Ryoo Seung-wan: 2004)

The Show Must Go On (우아한 세계, Han Jae-rim: 2007)

Mid-level gangster Kang In-gu is trying to earn enough money and have enough success to please both his boss and his family. Just when he thinks he is succeeding on both fronts, he finds that events begin to spiral out of his control – threatening both his professional and home life… At his best Song Kang-ho can be very funny – see The Foul King (Kim Jee-woon, 2000), The Quiet Family (Kim Jee-woon, 1998), The Host (Bong Joon-ho, 2006) – or… Read More »The Show Must Go On (우아한 세계, Han Jae-rim: 2007)